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Unlike companies like Home Advisor and Angies List – we will work with your business only for your particular niche in your town. 

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COVID-19 affected businesses

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If your business is within a locality and you’re looking to make it rank high in search results that pertain to businesses in your location, then you inevitably need this service. This service ensures that people who are looking for businesses as such as yours, see your website among the first result page. Make no mistake; your website has a very high tendency of getting huge conversions if it is among the first search results as people don’t go past the first page. We are quite aware of this as we have local SEO experts in our agency who are quite skilled in the core parts of SEO.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

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Local business owners often get bothered with investing their time and money to make their presence on Google more pronounced when a quick search might show that they are competing against global brands. While this has some fragments of truths in it, business owners need to understand that they can still record conversions. How? Well, the truth is that most residents within a locality feel safe when they buy within their neighborhood or locality.

Most services sought for on Google is always done alongside the location. If you didn’t get that, this is what we mean – people search for services adding their location in the search box. Let’s say you run a pizza business in Manhattan, New York. If Manhattan residents want to search for pizza outlets, they are likely to type in something like “pizza outlets in Manhattan” in the search engine bar.

At Marketing Hitman, we take full cognizance of this and have succeeded in helping local businesses grow using this strategy. It might also interest you to know that Google understands the importance of local businesses as it has a specific set of local ranking factors it uses to measure the relevance of your business. Recent research conducted by Access affirmed that proximity is of top priority to local consumers. Most people prefer to drive just 20 minutes outside their home to purchase their daily essentials. This is enough reason to invest in our local SEO services. 

The juicy part of this is that we understand these specific factors, and we consistently leverage it to the advantage of most of our clients. Our core experts are well-experienced in this field and are dedicated to following through on it till your business grows.


If given the opportunity, we wish to employ a similar strategy in your business as it is certain to place you ahead of the competition. A handful of local business owners have employed our services in their business and have recorded an inflow of consistent traffic and conversion.

With the above analysis, you should be able to see now that there is factually something valuable to be benefitted from the solutions we proffer. We implore you to harness our topnotch services to boost your online visibility and scale your business. Your customers reside within your locality, with our services, you can easily spot them.

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