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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is a very crucial aspect of digital marketing, especially when you need your website to rank on the first page of search results. Regardless of the demographics of your business, our SEO and SEM experts have been trained in using core keywords tactics and images to ensure that your website stays on the first page of Google search results.

Social Media Advertising

Every business in the globe relies on social media to reach more customers. This is done via running Facebook and Google ads. Running ads in your business allows for precise targeting as you will be exposed to your target audience. No, not everyone runs ad campaigns correctly. You can analyze an ad campaign based on the conversions. In this regard, we have topnotch experts who have studied the extensive and intrinsic parts of running ads on both Facebook and Google. Yes, this can provide your business with tremendous leverage.

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Google My Business

Google my Business

  • Significantly enhance your presence on Google
  • Start receiving sure of phone calls and visits to your website
  • Reviews your local SEO (near me) &  an increase in sales

Website Design & Development

Most businesses are yet to understand that a website is like their online office that needs to be notched up to accommodate prospective customers. Our digital experts at Marketing Hitman have fully internalized this belief, and the results can be seen on the websites we’ve developed and designed for our clients. If you’re yet to build a website for your business, we implore you to do so as you will be doing your business a great good.

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Ads marketing

Google AdWords Marketing

It’s Google’s OWN Ads on its OWN search engine service. Easily one of the best ways to get quality customers fast. The key to signing up for this service is you don’t have to wait for your website to rank. Your business can instantly be on top of Google even above the regular organic rankings. 

Searchers will see your business FIRST even before the first organically ranked business. 

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Every customer in any business came in as a lead. Invariably, lead generation is a prerequisite for getting customers. After these leads are obtained, the next step is to nurture them until they become buying customers. This is done by sending email follow-ups in the form of newsletters. This is also a part of our services, plus email marketers have mastered it in our agency. While you focus on your business, you can rely on services to grow exponentially.

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Data Analytics

This is also an inevitable part of having an online business. You need to analyze the data of customers as well as sales and sign-ups. Analyzing data correctly can potentially tell you the weak areas of your business. And yes, we have core experts in this regard who can study your business and give you precise data analyses.


We had decent website already but needed help having customers find our GMB as well as managing the reviews. Now we get increased calls due to increased visiblity of our listing and improved reviews. This year will be our best year yet of 5 years in business.
Diane Guerrero
Ohio, United States
Team at Marketing Hitman have been nothing but wonderful with their understanding of Dental landscape and what it takes. Am happy to have trusted him to utilize Facebook and Google Ads and am happy with conversion rates.
Doris Guzman, DDS