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Our success relies heavily on a strong team with experts in major areas of marketing - web design, logo design, graphic design, lead generation, paid advertising, local SEO, National SEO, link building, social media, YouTube and more

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We believe in honesty, transparency, with a strong work ethic. We pride ourselves in giving no customer false promises and guarantees just to make a quick buck. It all comes down to relationship.

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Due to the pandemic, many businesses have had to cut down on their marketing. Or worse, have had to completely shut down their business.

Meanwhile, businesses still in operation elevated their marketing strategies to get way ahead of their competitors. Talk about timing. 

If your marketing campaign remains the same for quite some time, you might be missing out on huge avenues that you should be advertising on. Claim all those customers looking for your exact services or products. Call us now to receive a complimentary audit of your website rankings.

We Connect Customers To Your Brand

We Help Increase Your Authority in your industry

Having a responsive website is a definite way to let your prospects know that you are an authority in your niche. When your customers can identify with your business in this regard, they become repeat buyers. We have numerous return clients that can attest to the viability of our services. We have developed tons of websites that have generated leads who became return-buyers, and we want to replicate the same in your business.

Our digital marketing services are poised at ensuring that our clients record a high number of clicks on their site as well as conversions and increased revenue.

Research - Based Marketing

Dont try looking for customers - have them find you

Diligent, proven SEO practices is what it takes to work with the ever-changing Google algorithms to help pick your business over all the others to show to the online searchers. Resulting in increased opportunities to capture new customers. 

Our various industries include but not limited to Medical, Home Services, Educational Services, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, Tech, and more

Our Services

By working with us, you can count on a service that is tailored,  laser-focused, and masterfully implemented

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Website Design & Development

Appropriately tailored to your niche and goals meeting the great expectations of the user and search engines

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Social Media Marketing

Reach your prospects like never before with personal engagement Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube

Local SEO

Custom, research based marketing to help you dominate your region. Resulting in capturing the biggest chunk of the total online traffic.

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National SEO

Going into multiple cities/regions requires careful planning. Call us today for a strategy consultation.

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Google My Business

Being in the 1st three of the Map Pack is prime real estate. Giving you significant more lead calls before they even visit your website

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Lead Generation

Exclusive platforms built for your business to capture high number of leads from a targeted region. All going directly to your business.

Marketing Hitman is an affordable Bay Area SEO Digital Marketing services agency that specializes in giving brands and businesses a firm and sales-functioning online reputation with the aid of a wide range of professional services. These include local SEO, multiple location SEO, lead generation, social media advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, website design and build, and Google My Business services.

The fact is that most businesses are familiar with these services. However, a handful of them happens to be barking up the wrong tree as their online presence records little or no conversion. If your business is suffering a similar fate, then there is something wrong with your digital marketing strategy, and we are here to scratch that itch. You are probably experiencing low conversions, poor ranking on Google or your pages aren’t generating enough leads.

All these factors can virtually cripple your business over time. So, can we help revive your business with our professional services? The answer is yes, and we are going to prove it to you. Before we give you an overview of the solutions and services we offer, let’s discuss some core reasons why we are your best option.

Feel like your business can do more?

Curious if your current strategies are up to par? Or maybe feel lost in what platforms and direction your business is more suitable for? Let us help straighten everything out with a FREE consultation. 

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Lead Generation Program

Like having home advisor and thumbtack all to yourself

Our proprietary platform to help you dominate in the location(s) you wish to target 


Also a wise choice if on a budget 

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*Niche – based

Why Choose Us

You are paying us not just to increase exposure to potential prospects but to make them convert into becoming paying customers. 

We like to be known for being straightforward and transparent about our plans and strategies to help you reach and maintain success. We do not make promises we cannot keep. Although we do not guarantee anything about our services, our experience and tried & true methodologies present amazing results. The proof is in the reporting you will regularly receive from us so there’s no hiding. 

You will be kept informed on a regular basis with direct reports including search and ranking position, updates in strategy, and more

Absolutely! A partnership is created once you sign up and you will always be updated on progress. Changes may come up from you as well or you have a better input than previously given. So for that we will always be available. 

Authenticity. We believe in transparency and honesty when creating marketing strategies for your business. Therefore you will know exactly what your are paying for and what to actually expect with no fake promises being made. 

It’s a known fact that most businesses are leveraging the internet to reach a vast range of audience across numerous demographics. Yes, this is certain to rake in exponential profits if done correctly, but the big question is – how many businesses can boast of a prominent online presence? 

At this juncture, this is where we come in. An affordable SEO company in San Francisco. 

When you’re looking to automate your business online, it’s hard to come across a professional agency like ours that provide the necessary services needed to scale your business. Most businesses do this wrongly by hiring individual agencies to handle different aspects of their online automation.

However, harnessing a digital marketing agency like ours ensures that all your online goals will be geared towards a better ranking as well as exponential conversions. This is because all aspects will be in perfect synchronization. Very few businesses and startups recognize this fact. When different aspects of your online presence display numerous disparities, your prospects are less likely to turn to leads, which subsequently results in little or no conversion.

At Marketing Hitman, we’ve mastered every core aspect you can think of as regards digital marketing. Regardless of your business intentions and goals, our services can breathe life into your business and steer it in the right direction. Some businesses often find it difficult to rank high on Google or get the right keywords that will keep them relevant on most search result pages. The solutions we provide have all these aspects taken care of.

Also, most businesses struggle with niche domination as they are met with lots of competitive rivals. Imagine having a highly responsive website that reliably and consistently generates new leads and new customers in an almost predictable way, won’t that be great? Of course, it will.

We Connect Customers to Your Brand

Having a responsive website is a definite way to let your prospects know that you are an authority in your niche. When your customers can identify with your business in this regard, they become repeat buyers. To dispel any doubts you might have, we have numerous return clients that can attest to the viability of our services. We have developed tons of websites that have generated leads who became return-buyers, and we want to replicate the same in your business.

Generally, our digital marketing services are poised at ensuring that our clients record a high number of clicks on their site as well as conversions and increased revenue.

We are also aware that most businesses do not have a strong social media presence. If you’re looking to increase the online traffic of your website, then you should have your business on two or more social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the ways to solidify your business or brand. Most brands have successfully grown their business using our social media marketing strategies.

If you’re looking to increase online traffic, then you can conveniently do so, leveraging our social media marketing strategies.

Another essential aspect of digital marketing that plagues most businesses is the issue of Ads. It can be quite frustrating to run ad campaigns that record little or no conversion or engagement. When it comes to running ads, most businesses spend tons of money and get little or no results. Running ads on platforms like Google and Facebook require topnotch professionalism.

The internet is littered with tons of self-acclaimed advertising experts who make unrealistic promises. Most businesses have gotten their fingers burnt towing this line. Google ads and Facebook ads have some loopholes that tend to waste your ad expenses. We have experts in our agency who have mastered how to avoid these loopholes, and we want to employ this expertise in your business.

In the world of digital marketing, most businesses often get crushed by what they don’t know. This doesn’t have to be you as you can leverage our topnotch services to grow your business exponentially. The goal of every business is to have a consistent inflow of prospects, customers and repeat buyers, the services and solutions we proffer are built around these features.

Most of our clients record millions of sales monthly off the services we provide. These figures are quite achievable with the strategies we proffer. To have a better feel or grasp on what you’re going to benefit from our services, have a look at subsequent pages.

Preet sure shows he cares about what he does and it sold me. He made sure I understood what I was paying for and kept me in the loop of the processes and progress. Preet has substantially helped my business to the point of opening up a bigger office
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